Monday, July 27, 2009

Win Ex Boyfriend Back - Keep Your Dignity by Jim Zamjohn

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Win Ex Boyfriend Back - Keep Your Dignity by Jim Zamjohn

Do you feel like you need to beg on bended knee to try to win ex boyfriend back? You may feel you need to lose any and all pride you have or lower yourself and feel 'less than'. There is no need to further hurt your self-image just because the breakup may have done a lot to hurt your pride. You should be able to retain your dignity and still win ex boyfriend back. There are things you can do that will make it unnecessary for you to go begging after him to get him back. The way you look at yourself can be hurt enough just by getting dumped. If, after you broke up with him, you realize you make a major mistake, you may feel like you need to demean yourself and beg him to forgive your mistake. To win ex boyfriend back that may not be what is required. Think about what attracted you to him in the first place, especially if he broke up with you. What kind of spirits were you in when you met? Did you have a different attitude? Try putting all the pieces back into the relationship that existed in the beginning if you want to try again. Let yourself be visible to him and make sure that he sees that you are the same person he fell in love with before. Also make him aware of the fact that you know he sees you. Make it impossible for him not to see that you are still that same person. Heck, even if he doesn't notice you, someone else just might and that could be as good as or even better than what you had. You can show him how wonderful you are, but you can't force him to want to get back together. However, there might just be someone else out there who takes notice and makes a move. If you think it was a mistake to have broken up with him, let him know. Tell him you don't expect him to come back and you understand his anger and that whatever happens going forward is OK with you. Let him know you know you made a big mistake and that you are sorry if you hurt him. Don't beg for forgiveness, but definitely ask for it. Win ex boyfriend back by begging is no good. Let him know that you wish things had worked out differently, you don't expect a second chance, probably don't even deserve one and then just walk away. He will make a move if he is curious about your motives or if he's just truly interested in getting back together with you. To accept the consequences of an action and admit a mistake takes great strength and character. He will notice what you have done and want to get back together if he is as special as you really believe he is. You may find it a huge uphill climb to win ex boyfriend back unless you know some magic love spells. If you were meant to be together, in marriage or in a long term relationship, then it will happen. You need to trick him a little and make him believe it is all his idea to get back together. Just know that you may have to may have to resort to some ninja or stealth tactics to win back ex boyfriend, but you do not have to give up your dignity to get it done.

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