Sunday, July 5, 2009

Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas

Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas

Start your marriage off on the right foot with a creative idea for your proposal.
It is an age-old fear: proposing to the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Wedding proposal ideas are often imaginative, though once fear comes into it the old clich̩d Рon one knee routine Рalways ends up being the safest bet.

Just like a wedding, the proposal should also be memorable. You want to think back on one of the wedding proposal ideas you used and feel fondly about it, even tell the grandkids about it.

Some ideas for the proposal could include an engagement ring hidden somewhere in your partners food; a common one though just make sure they aren’t going to choke on it. That could instantly kill any romantic vibe. Why not also use a plane to spell the words in smoke, as you are sitting on the beach with your soul mate, have her look up and instantly know why you took her there; a hard one to say know to especially since it takes a bit of preparation such as in booking a pilot skilled in this sort of thing and also having the money available – it isn’t the cheapest option.

No-one ever decided to pop the question and not have second thoughts, after all rejection is a very hard thing to take and could even pose problems for a relationship that was cruising along beautifully; a proposal could soon become a spanner. But this shouldn’t put you off wedding proposal ideas.

But if you love someone, then wedding proposal ideas should be sought after, to make it easier and more special. You don’t have to rush into it, remember the answer you are hoping for is a lifetime commitment; so spend a few weeks or even months working on how to go about it.

Some do play it safe though and ask over a romantic dinner, which is very ‘French movie’ in terms of ideas. But this does work as does many wedding proposal ideas. Take some of these for instance – hiding the engagement ring somewhere where she will find it; organizing for your proposal to be on an electronic sign which happens to be on her way to work; over the radio or even take romance to the extreme and line the house with candles and ask her when she comes around as the cliché takes hold and you end up on one knee, hoping.

There are numerous wedding proposal ideas, but only two answers. Good luck to the positive one of the two.

By Jaid Chambers

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