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Summer Marriage Proposals – Setting the Right Mood!

Summer Marriage Proposals – Setting the Right Mood!

Romance can be found in any season of the year and summer has its own special way of bringing couples together. Long days spent at the beach, a stroll on the boardwalk, and fun at the arcades make for a rite of passage enjoyed by lovebirds this time of the year. There is something unique about the slower pace which awakens the heart, that sometimes helps to bring forth an idea that has been budding all along – a marriage proposal.

Gentlemen, you have an opportunity to propose marriage at the right moment even if the conditions aren`t exactly what you had in mind. With a little bit of creativity and some work on your part, you can create the right atmosphere whether you find yourselves in formal wear or in beach attire. Yes, it is summer and we`ve got some ideas to win her hand through special moments created by you.

Before you even think about proposing marriage, you need to research the type of engagement ring you want to purchase. You can discover her ring size by asking a close friend or relative, then do an on-line search to take a look at diamond rings. The James Allen website offers graphic, 3D photography which are just as good as holding an engagement ring in your fingers, allowing you to see exactly what you`re buying without having to set foot in a jewelry store. You determine the ring style, number of diamonds, metal, and other factors that go into selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring and you do it in the privacy of your own home without someone steering you into buying something you don`t want or cannot afford.

If you choose a James Allen engagement ring, then you can order it and have it sent to your home to give to your sweetheart at the right time and place. Relax, if for some reason she doesn`t like it, James Allen has a very liberal return policy making an exchange or refund a non-issue. However, you can ensure the engagement ring you choose is the right one by finding out what she likes in advance. Again, tap the recommendation of her friends to find out what that might be if not known.

With ring in hand, all you have to do is create the right setting. Since it is summertime, a trip to the beach, the park, or to the mountains can be a wonderful, natural setting to help relax you both and give you an opportunity to present that diamond sparkler to her in a special way. Some fun ideas can include:

- While at the beach, you find a clamshell and put the ring in it. While taking a stroll looking for seashells, you put the shell down and immediately point it out to her. Jokingly, you urge her to look inside for a pearl and when she opens it up, there is the ring! A word of caution -- not even for one moment do you take your eyes off of the shell when placing it on the sand: both tide and curious seagulls will sweep the ring away in no time!

- When heading to the park, there are a number of different ways to present a diamond engagement ring. Immediately following a picnic, while boating on the lake, or when off exploring a camping area you can use that time alone to present a ring to her.

- If you both like hiking and have thoughts of climbing a favorite peak, that means one thing: you`ll get up bright and early one morning, hit the trail, and head to the top of the mountain where you both can survey the scenery below. Much like your lives set before you, the view makes for an opportune time to propose marriage.

The tips shared here should give you some ideas on where to propose, but we`ll leave the important words up to you. After all, she is much more interested in hearing your heart then anything else. Presenting a diamond engagement ring is an outward display of an inward and everlasting commitment, a wonderful way for every marriage to begin!

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