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Engagement and Marriage Proposal Ideas

Engagement and Marriage Proposal Ideas

Many couples are known to experience the jitters when it comes to popping the question! Read these engagement and marriage proposal ideas to add a creative touch and make your moment a truly special one.
Engagement and Marriage Proposal Ideas
Chocolates, flowers, wine and the works! Couples about to exchange vows or wanting to commit are always looking out for creative engagement and marriage proposal ideas. After all, every person would like to make it special for his/her partner. And this being a special moment, many couples are often faced with the task of thinking about creative ways to propose! This is the time when one has to gather all the courage to pop the question, for an engagement with a marriage that follows, subsequently. Asking a person to be engaged or to be married to you is a very important decision and forms a very special moment of your life. And this moment should always be cherished forever. A proposal is thus one of the most significant moment for couples, something that should be different and creative, and one that would definitely get a confirmed ‘yes’! Well, are you getting the jitters about proposing to your special someone? Take a look at these engagement and marriage proposal ideas and look forward to many more beautiful moments…

Engagement and Marriage Proposal Ideas
Roses are a perfect way to woo the woman you love! Ask your date out for a romantic candlelit dinner. Prepare a beautiful bouquet of roses and make a card, which asks the question, ‘Will you marry me?’ You can add a decorated box, which has the engagement ring along with the card. Book a table at your favorite hotel and arrange for some live music. Make preparations in advance so that you can present the bouquet along with romantic music being played in the background. Go down on your knees the classic way and slip the ring on her finger. She is bound to scream with delight!

Does your partner love the beach? This engagement idea can be used by men and women alike! Take your partner to a secluded beach. Pitch up a tent there and have fun in the sun. When he/she is not looking, bury an exquisite antique bottle next to the picnic basket. Slip a message inside the bottle that expresses your feelings. When he/she finds the bottle, present the engagement ring! The scenery, the gorgeous waves and the romantic atmosphere will surely add to the beauty of this moment. You can slip the ring on the finger and spend the evening whispering sweet nothing’s!

The surprise element is very important for engagement and marriage proposals! (Women are bound to love this idea in particular.) For this, you can scatter beautiful rose petals from your gate to the doorstep. Decorate the interiors with soft lights and aromatic candles. Whip up a homemade dinner (Yes! Men who cook score more points with women!) Blindfold and bring your partner home and then place a chocolate cake towards the end of the dinner on the table. The icing should have the following wordings, ‘Will you marry me?’ As she exclaims, play some music, whisk her for a dance and slip the ring on to her finger.

These kinds of romantic proposal ideas are bound to work! However, if the both of you are the outdoorsy kinds, you can plan for an adventure both would enjoy. Go snorkeling or scuba diving. You can arrange for a jeweled treasure chest or jewelry box and pretend you found it in the ocean. Add a bottle of wine and an engagement ring inside a beautiful oyster. This will surely make it exclusive and floor a woman or even a man and get the response you so desire!

Once you plan your engagement and marriage proposals, you would find it easier to pop the question and win the heart of your love interest. After all, what is life without romance! Romance is what makes the journey more interesting. And when you begin on the right note, love would always be around you!

By Kashmira Lad

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