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How to Save a Bad Relationship - 3 Questions to Ask by Will Scott

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How to Save a Bad Relationship - 3 Questions to Ask by Will Scott

At times when things are not going well with you and your partner you may be asking how to save a bad relationship. It may even be your marriage you are struggling with.

When we speak of a bad relationship, there are varying degrees of bad.

  • First, and I hope this not the case, is physical abuse. This might be a matter of having to get out in order to protect yourself.
  • Bad can also mean way too much arguing and yelling. This is not a fun way to live.
  • Or, simply not enjoying each others company like you used to and afraid the relationship is taking a bad turn.

In either of the last two cases we want to try to see what is lying at the root of the issue. Since you are asking how to save a bad relationship then I will presume that at least one of you sees the potential of healing the relationship or marriage.

Here are a few simple questions to ask yourself as a start to saving the relationship:

  • What things first attracted you to each other and are those still present?
  • What activities did you enjoy doing together that really formed a bond between you?
  • What made each of you special to the other in a way no one else did?

When you two first met and were attracted to each other, did you look and act differently than you do now? Most people put on their best look and best behavior when single and unattached.

Some of us, however, tend to get lazy and let ourselves go when we are comfortably hooked up with one particular person. This actually shows disrespect and ingratitude for our partner. Apply the same thought pattern to behavior.

Wanting to know how to save a bad relationship can really begin by going back to the start and showing the respect and attention to your partner that you originally did.

Let's talk for a minute about activities. This is a no brainer. We all know that when we first meet someone that dating and fun things is all we do. Later, the mundane in life, the lack of money to just date all the time and even work interfere with doing the things we used to do.

With a little creativity, though, you can schedule in some time to do things that bring back the excitement and joy of the early dating process. Making use of public parks and other free attractions can help limit the cost.

Perhaps just schedule time to always watch one particular TV program that you both enjoy together. Popping popcorn is optional. Simple steps can be the easiest steps in how to save a bad relationship.

And finally, what was it about your partner that made you stop thinking about everyone else? Maybe you should ask him or her what it was about you that really said you were the one. If you can get an answer either on your own or by asking, then be that person.

While you are being the person your mate wanted over any other, he or she may find themselves returning to the person they were that you just could not do without.

There are so many more things to discuss that just do not fit in this short article. You can find more help on how to save a bad relationship by reading the material and watching the videos on our website.

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