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Romantic Proposal Ideas

Romantic Proposal Ideas

Planning to pop the question to your sweetheart? Here are some romantic proposal ideas for you...
Romantic Proposal Ideas
Pretty woman Julia Roberts might have got the most romantic proposal as her prince charming climbed up the fire escape to rescue her - just the way she wanted! A proposal is one of the most cherished moments in a relationship. Not everyone might be as lucky as Julia Roberts, but then there are ways to make a proposal truly unique and romantic. Here are some romantic proposal ideas to create the most memorable proposal - take your pick!

Moonlight Boat Ride

What better way to propose than to be with your loved one, under the starry skies as you row your boat in a serene lake? A moonlight boat ride proposal is the ultimate proposal ideas for people who are looking for a truly fairytale-like mushy proposal. There are a number of canoe and rafting resorts that offer special moonlight rides for couples. Make sure you plan the thing in advance to surprise your sweetheart. Just as you are in the middle of your ride, simply stop the boat and get down on your knees to propose your love - romantic, isn’t it?

Sunset Walk on the Beach

Sunsets are always a delight to watch, and to watch a sunset from a quiet beach is simply a heavenly experience. So why not make this experience extra-special by proposing at the beach, as you relish the beauty of the sunset. As the orange red sun melts in the azure waters, cuddle up by her side and whisper, "Will you marry me?" into her ears. In case you want to be really creative, hide the engagement ring in a seashell! The beauty of this proposal idea lies in its simplicity and hence is perfect for a girl who appreciates no-frills and romantic-to-the-core ideas!

The Big Fat Grand Proposal

Well, if you would like your proposal to be a grand and memorable one - there are plenty of ideas to flaunt your love. Just make sure she won’t turn you down after this grand proposal! It would be quite embarrassing! That’s one thing you should keep in mind, while proposing publicly - rejection is most humiliating when it’s public! You can have a plane fly a "Will you marry me?" banner or better still, get a skywriting agency to sky write your proposal for you! For game-lovers, the conventional scoreboard proposal might be perfect for you! For movie-buffs, a proposal on the big screen right before the movie!

Fairytale Princess Proposal

Well, if you want your girl to feel truly pampered before you pop the question - this is the best idea for you. Treat your girl to a majestic breakfast in bed, and then gift her a wonderful, daylong experience at a spa, where she gets thoroughly pampered. By the end of it, get a royal horse-carriage and take your princess to a lavish, romantic dinner. Enjoy your gourmet meal, with some romantic songs played by your side and at the end of your date, get down on your knees and propose!

Walk Down the Memory Lane

What could be more romantic than recreating the beautiful, magical days of new found love? That’s right - remember your first date? The coffee shop at the corner, the table by the poolside? No matter where it was and how it went - your first date is one of your most cherished memories. Try and take your girl to the same place, where you guys first met. Take a walk down the memory lane as you reminisce the old days, and just when she gets all nostalgic and lovey-dovey, pop the question!

Romance is a subjective concept - what might be romantic to me, might not be romantic for everyone. There are many creative and romantic ways to propose, but the bottom line in marriage proposals is to keep it genuine and heartfelt. Remember that the most romantic proposal need not be the most expensive or most fancy idea - it just needs a little bit of creativity and loads of love!

By Uttara Manohar

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