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Don't Forget the Wedding Favors by JoAnna Sanchez

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Don't Forget the Wedding Favors by JoAnna Sanchez

The whole day has been planned down to the smallest detail, from finding the perfect wedding dress, to having the invitations sent out in time, to organizing the luncheon and seating chart. The band is lined up and ready to perform, the marriage forms are all filled out and the groom has his tuxedo. What could be missing? Don't forget the wedding favors!

Giving wedding favors is a time honored tradition and way for newly married bride and groom to express their thanks to their family and friends for the support and assistance rendered. Giving a simple favor is nice to let guests that may have traveled great distances to congratulate the couple, know that them being there is appreciated. It also allows guests to remember all the great details that went into all the planning when they see their wedding favor. Don't forget the wedding favors in all the hustle and bustle of wedding planning.

Often times a budget controls a large portion of the planning and wedding favors are over looked or left out. Wedding favors don't need to be extravagant or expensive. A simple favor that reflects your personality along with a special meaning can serve as a token of your appreciation that will be remembered for a long time after the ceremony is over.

There aren't any hard and fast rules relating to wedding favor gift giving. There is a specific purpose to giving favors out to your guests and that is to make the night special for everyone involved and giving them a small token to take a piece of the moment home with them. Some basic guidelines may include keeping within your budget while giving something memorable. Meaningless, disposable items that break the budget may just end up in the trash.

Wedding favors do not need to be large or extravagant. Guests do not need to take home 50-page scrapbooks that commemorate the event nor do they need whole bouquets of flowers. Generally a small simple favor is best and preferred. A simple meaningful gift will encourage guests to take their favor home and they may even display it for a short time.

If planned well, wedding favors can also serve as decorations for the reception. Nothing will make a better centerpiece than a nice crystal vase embossed with the couple's names, or a tastefully framed picture of the happy couple.

Some of the most unique and popular items that guests receive as wedding favors include, glass or bamboo coasters, personalized photo frames, silk hand fans, mint tins, glass gel candles, hand painted ceramic magnets, or salt and pepper shakers. There really are endless possibilities when selecting wedding favors that can be elegant, memorable and affordable.

These favors may not play such an integral part as the reception center or the wedding dress, but they can help make the special occasion a memorable experience for all parties involved. Make sure to include wedding favors in your budget and you are bound to have an unforgettable day.

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Few individuals and couples know about or purchase wedding favors for their wedding reception guests and visitors. Wedding favors are a traditional way to express your appreciation to your guests who have supported you in your wedding and marriage.

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