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Romantic Proposal Ideas: 3 Romantic Ways To Sweep Her Off Her Feet With Your Proposal

Romantic Proposal Ideas: 3 Romantic Ways To Sweep Her Off Her Feet With Your Proposal

You’ve already bought the ring. You already have the girl. Now, all you need is the perfect proposal to go with it. Since this is a very special occasion, you have to make it memorable for both you and your future wife. Wife… It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Well, that is… if she says, "I do." To make sure this happens, I’d like to give you the most romantic proposal ideas to sweep her feet away.

Women might come in different shapes, sizes and color, but all of them deserve to be treated to the best wedding proposal their partners could ever give. And with these romantic proposal ideas, there’s no way your bride-to-be can ever resist your charm.

1) Bring out the big guns.

If you can afford a lavish lifestyle, then there’s certainly no reason to hold back on your wedding proposal. With your money, you can pursue the grander gestures of affection. You can whisk your girlfriend away to Paris—the most romantic city in the world—or take her for a trip to Italy.

These ideas might sound stereotypical at first; but the truth is, not everyone gets to experience something this romantic.

Here’s a tip. Once you get there, try engaging in ordinary activities like having coffee or taking a stroll down the street. Then, in the middle of the square or plaza, go ahead and pop your question. Trust me, the Parisian backdrop, a bended knee and a ring is all you need to make that moment one of the most memorable in her life.

2) Compose letters of love.

Our romantic proposal ideas don’t always have to be expensive. If you’re pressed for cash, why don’t you try writing her a series of love letters?

These days, hardly anybody writes love letters anymore. This makes your proposal all the more romantic and special.

You can write a series of letters composed of one or two lines, or maybe even a poem about love. You can leave these letters lying around for her to discover.

One would lead to another until she reaches the final letter, which directs her to you with ring on one hand and a proposal in the other.

3) Take a trip down memory lane.

Where was your first kiss? Where did you first meet? One of the most personal romantic proposal ideas is re-creating a special moment from your past.

For example, if you two met in the park while walking dogs, you can try and bring her back to that same place for your proposal.

Or if you two shared your first kiss by the beach, it’s a great idea to return there and share a quiet evening together. Then, while watching the waves roll, you can begin easing into your proposal by talking about how you two first kissed in that same spot.

Romantic proposal ideas can be as fun, or as serious, as you want it to be. There’s no need to change who you are or exhaust your bank account just to be able to give her the most memorable proposal ever. All you need to remember is that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. That alone is enough to make everything romantic and perfect.

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By Michael Lee

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