Monday, July 6, 2009

Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage Proposal Ideas

Here are a few marriage proposal ideas to get your creative juices running. Remember that even if the engagement ring costs a lot the proposal doesn’t have to break the bank. Being romantic does not have to equate to spending a fortune.

1. The most popular and dramatic Marriage Proposal Idea is to ask her at a big sporting event. Two things that you need to be sure of before pulling off this risky maneuver is to make sure she is a sports fan, and that she will say yes. There is nothing worse than getting rejected in front of tens of thousands of people.
2. The Mile-High Marriage Proposal Idea. Ask for the stewardess’s help when getting on the plane to see if the pilot will make an announcement on you behalf. Drawbacks include having to sit next her for the duration of the flight is she says no. When trying this marriage proposal idea make sure that she does not see the engagement ring when you go through security.
3. The classic home movie night marriage proposal idea. Let her pick the video to watch and then when the movie starts go make popcorn and place the engagement ring in the bottom of the bowl.
4. The home movie night with a twist marriage proposal idea. Let her pick the movie and then switch the DVD when you put it in the player. The DVD you put in will be a special video that you made without her knowledge. The video is of your choosing but a classic is you holding the engagement ring on bended knee.
5. On her birthday find several boxes that can all fit inside each other. Wrap up the ring box and place it in the smallest box and wrap that as well. Continue until all the boxes are wrapped. When she's opening the gift and glaring at you for all the work she has to do, smile and tell her it's going to be worth it.
6. Puzzle Marriage Proposal Idea. Take a picture of yourself holding the engagement ring then blow up the picture and take it to the local photo shop. Have them make the picture into a puzzle, then give your special someone the puzzle. Tell her she has to finish the puzzle before you ask her in real life.

We hope these marriage proposal ideas have helped you get started. There are plenty more ideas to see at marriage proposal ideas. Just make sure it is day and an engagement ring that she will remember forever.

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