Thursday, August 6, 2009

Break-Up - The Powerful Woman's Attitude by Paolo Alberto

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Break-Up - The Powerful Woman's Attitude by Paolo Alberto

"Defeat is a state of mind". You are defeated when you assume the mindset of a defeated person. You can't lose unless you believe that you lost. You may have heard the saying: "Near the highest peak of happiness lies the deepest abyss of sadness". Sometimes the dream suddenly turns into a nightmare and it's a very painful experience. The question is: do you live there for the rest of your life, or do you go on even stronger than before?

Here's a relationships fact that you should consider: Breaking-up is the rule. Marriage is the exception. Most women go through several bad break-ups until they finally learn everything they need to know to find and keep their Mr. Right in a long term relationship that will result in a marriage. Powerful women keep this fact in mind when they approach their love life. They don't have unrealistic expectations and they never assume permanent defeat after a break-up. Why? Because it's not in their best interest to do so. However, these special women know the secrets of several arts, like the art of letting go, the art of seduction, the art of influence etc. and these secrets, these understandings, these strategies allow them to succeed where most women fail.

Even after a really bad break-up, a powerful woman, one who has become a master of her own love life, will take a deep breath, fully appreciate the experiences she has gone through in the relationship, then turn around, say the magic words("Case closed! Next!") and go her own way, never looking back again. Ever!

But how does such a woman have this incredible ability to let go and move on instantly, instead of suffering for months like most women do? Well, it's not something she was born with. It's something that she learned along the way. Something that can be mastered and used to create an amazing love life.

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